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  /  En Primeur   /  2019, another great vintage in 9!

2019 lives up to the reputation of vintages in 9: it’s beautiful, it’s great and it’s generous.

Spared of frost, spared of hail, having benefitted from a nice flowering in June, this vintage still had to face two heat waves, a first one at the end of June and a second one at the end of July with scorching temperatures, exceeding 40 degrees for a few days.

Surprisingly, these two heat waves had little effect on the vines and the grapes. The presence of good quantities of water in the soil, following a very rainy winter, may explain the plant’s resistance to such extreme phenomena.

The month of August was hot and dry, as it was in September, until the weekend of September 20th, when saving rains brought freshness and life to the thirsty vines.

The harvest began on September 23rd for Merlot full of fruit and colour. It ended on October 11th with perfectly ripe Cabernet Sauvignon.

The musts were very aromatic and quickly took on dark colours. Fermentations proceeded effortlessly, the fruit and the perfect tannic structure were immediately felt during the first tastings. The macerations were short in order to preserve the silky tannins, elegance and harmony of the wines.

2019, is the fourth fine vintage in Bordeaux in the last five years, and also reminds us of the beautiful series of the 80’s: 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989.

It will be a great Médoc classic, rich in colour and complexity, powerful and delicate at the same time, silky and soft as the great Margaux wines know how to be.

Finally, this fine vintage marks the 160th harvest of my family’s at Château Siran, an anniversary that we have decided to celebrate with a new design for the Siran bottle, which we hope you will enjoy.


Édouard Miailhe