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The meticulous aging of the wine

Aging in new barrels is done sparingly to keep the character and expression of the Margaux terroir. Aware of the richness of the Siran terroir, we want our wines to remain authentic. The batches will begin their aging in barrels or vats according to their potential. Siran wines are aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, fine grain, medium toast with a third of new barrels.

Careful choice of barrels

The choice of barrels is made based on their capacity to respect the aromatic potential and the organoleptic qualities of the wine. Siran’s team works with six coopers whose barrels are tasted once a year, by modality (grain, toast, drill) by the technical team in order to evaluate and select those that respect the wine’s identity.

The diversity of the barrels enriches the final blend.

Precise and rigorous dosage

During the aging process, regular toppings are carried out as well as sulphur readjustments when necessary, but always sparingly. Moreover, Siran wines have total SO2 contents within the standards of organic wines. Racking during the aging process clarifies the wine, and after 12 months, the team carries out the final blending, before proceeding to the fining with albumin. The wine is also filtered before bottling.

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