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The Chai des Collections

Made up of about 300 objects, this collection is the fruit of a passion shared for many years in the Miailhe family, that of art and wine. Situated between the vat room and the barrel cellar, the scenography develops in the continuity of the sections by staging different objects on the theme of wine and the arts of fire. The objects are presented by theme, exhibited as a group or alone, in dialogue with the winery whose visit they announce.

As with any great wine, these collections invite you to take a trip back in time from the 3rd century B.C. to the 19th century and tell you about the passion for wine and the art of tasting it.

The Amphoras

The amphora appeared in the 3rd-4th century BC in the Near East, where the lack of forests, a source of wood, favoured the manufacture of terracotta vessels.

The Vieillard Plates

These plates are part of the plate “with a story” series. The tone of the stories, when they are not documentary or sentimental, are most often meant to be humorous.

The Pot Jacquot or Toby’s jar

Serving as a pitcher in inns and inciting the customer to order beer and wine thanks to the debonair character straddling a barrel, the Toby’s jar first spread in the North of France at the end of the 18th century.

The Tonnelets

Earthenware container, in the form of a small barrel, for serving alcoholic beverages or sauces.
It is poured through a small tap or a neck closed by a stopper.

The Bacchus

Polychrome earthenware table wine fountain representing Bacchus sitting astride a barrel.
Bacchus is the god of the vine, drunkenness and overflowing, especially sexual. The Romans adopted him, assimilating him with the old Italian god Liber Pater, his Greek correspondent is Dionysus.

The illustrated labels from 1980-2005

Both art lovers, we owe to Alain and Brigitte Miailhe, the series of labels of Château Siran, created by renowned artists, which enchanted all Siran lovers for more than 20 years.
Each illustration refers to an event of the year in question and sometimes the artist chosen has a link with the theme. Various themes have followed one another throughout these 26 vintages: the arts, science, sport, history, politics.
About twenty of the drawings are now exhibited in the Portrait Room.

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