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  /  En Primeur   /  2017, the year of all dangers!

Curiously, the years in 7 are not always a sign of hope for a great vintage. It seems that one has to go back to 1947 to find a very good vintage in the Bordeaux region.

As if to confirm the legends, during the night of April 26th to 27th and then during the night of April 27th to 28th 2017, almost half of the Bordeaux vineyard was hit by two terrible nights of frost, the deadliest since 1991, causing considerable damage. The Margaux appellation was one of the least affected and Siran was lucky enough to be almost totally spared.

But then, as if to make up for this sad episode, the weather was particularly favourable for the development of a fine vintage. The two months of May and June, with above-average temperatures and a total absence of rainfall, favoured a rapid and particularly homogeneous flowering. The vine accumulated a good lead during this period.

With the exception of a rainy episode at the end of June, which allowed our soils to build up their reserves for the summer, the fine weather continued in July and gave way to a relatively dry and cool August. The cool nights in August were favourable to the development of the aromas.

And as if to compensate for the spring frost, as if the vines were communicating with each other and overcoming their deficit together, we found that most of the vines not affected by the frost had grown in large and very well-balanced quantities.

After a light rain at the beginning of September (72 mm in 10 days), the harvest could start around mid-September with beautiful, healthy and ripe grapes. The very cool nights in September limited in most cases the risk of botrytis development.

The harvest ended with the Cabernet Sauvignon in the first half of October. The 2017 grapes were rich in anthocyanins. The vinification was done quickly. And without difficulty.

Without being a monster of power, this wine will be the embodiment of the sweetness, balance and pleasure that a great Margaux can bring.

The 2017 vintage looks very good and we have made our best vintage in 7 since 1947!


Édouard Miailhe