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  /  En Primeur   /  2016, a great vintage.

The 2016 vintage was set to be complicated in the Bordeaux region: records gentle temperatures and rainfall during winter, a very cool spring, a hot and very dry summer with significant hydric stress. Luckily, a miraculous rainfall at the beginning of September unlocked the situation. The result was undoubtedly a truly great vintage.

The records high rainfall recorded in the first few months of the year allowed the soil to build up useful water reserves while the mild winter climate and humidity created a strong threat of mildew. Fortunately, cool temperatures from April to June despite regular but little rain overall allowed to limit its development everywhere.

Sun and wind combined made for climatic conditions favourable to flowering, allowing a homogeneous and rapid flowering followed by a good fruit setting. The bunches of grapes were numerous and well distributed, but unfortunately the pressure of mildew led to the loss of two plots of Petit Verdot.

Luckily, starting June 15th, the conditions became perfect: pleasant temperatures and cool nights ensured that the growth was regular. The months of July and August were hot and dry. The vines drew on the resources accumulated during the rains at the beginning of the year. The drought caused a blockage in the ripening process, bunches of grapes have to be dropped to save the young vines.

Finally, the rainfall on the night of the 13th September helped to unblock the vines’ state of stress.

The end of September and the month of October were marked by dry and mild weather, which makes it possible to wait for the optimal maturities for each of the plots and to carry out an “à la carte” harvest.

These very late harvests, thanks to a beautiful late season, took place under the sun and ended on October 20th with perfectly ripe Cabernet Sauvignon. We had never harvested so late in the history of Siran.

The musts were colourful, dense, rich and had a nice volume in the mouth. They were immediately very aromatic, on the fruit with rich and melted tannins, and a very nice alcohol-acidity balance.

The result is a great vintage, as good as the 2015, but in smaller quantities. The wines are even more concentrated and more complex than those of the 2015 vintage, while retaining the lightness typical of Siran.


Edouard Miailhe